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November 22, 2016

Known as “one of the top, strategic trainers in this new era of selling” by the likes of Donald Trump, Nathan is a strategic selling advisor helping entrepreneurs and businesses get to a million, faster.

Nathan is a marketing and sales expert with a story. To him, his real story begins at the start of what he calls “a second chance at life.” After surviving a car accident that may as well have taken his life, his life was started again. This made him realize that there was something more he had to complete in life – it just wasn’t his time to leave.

Contemplating and wondering, years passed. Questions increased as did the number of answers he couldn’t find. Then one day, it struck him: the discovery that his purpose in life was to simply live, which he wasn’t doing, being held back by fear.

Overcoming the fear was essential so Nathan braved himself to work, come what failures and havocs may. He did face countless failures, lost money and lawsuits, got mocked at, remained deprived of support but he worked tirelessly to work towards the career he was passionate about: helping people get to a million faster.

Now, Nathan stands proud with years of efforts and dedication behind him, renowned as the creator of The GOV Formula – The “mysterious non-selling” method, the method that helps business owners to sell more without the typical “pushy salesman” stuff. He also developed The Fearless Millionaire Freedom Formula, the world’s most comprehensive training for entrepreneurs on how to get to a million.

He is not a professional with more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing in Internet Business, Direct Marketing & Selling. His education includes a degree in Business Entrepreneurship and a minor in Marketing. He helps a variety of clients make millions of dollars through their sales. He is also the creator of new marketing strategies for Direct Selling, Internet Marketing, and Real Estate businesses.

To grow as an expert on selling consultation and strategies, Nathan has worked with and learned from top experts like Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Dave Seymour, David Lindahl, Larry Goins, Jack Bosch, Sue Nelson, to name a few. He has also shared the stage with top experts, celebrities and first-time speakers. Nathan is seen on stages around the world with appearances in online interviews, Radio, Wall Street Journal, NBC, Under 30 CEO, Block parties and BBQs.

All of this has gotten Nathan to a point where he himself is recognized as an expert and serves clients. He is a tested and tried kind of professional expert, where selling strategies are proven, so all clients get to enjoy a higher probability of positive results and turnout.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a marketer, or an executive, with any type of business that needs a strategic plan development to go to a million, Nathan and his services will be extremely effective in practice. It is not just Nathan’s passion to help you with his services but rather what he is made to do.

Apart from his business, Nathan invests his time and energy in The Fearless Education Foundation, an organization he and his wife founded that works to assist pay tuition fees of underprivileged children for a greater education in Uganda, Africa.

Nathan is a public speaker on a variety of topics including:

And His Media Incorporates:

  • The Fearless Millionaire™ Show
  • Whole Health Alerts – Weekly Wealth Mindset Contributor
  • Creative Success Alliance Newsletter
  • Business Beyond the Trenches Show

His Credentials Include:


  • Nathan Amaral International Inc.
  • iNotice Media  (USA + Uganda)
  • Pearl Investments
  • Fearless Home Solutions
  • Better Life Home Solutions

Nathan is adventurous a risk taker at heart. Give him a rule and he will find a way to break it without going to jail. He loves to test ideas, strategies and ideologies. He is happily married to Joy his eternal partner. They give all thanks, success and glory to God for without his love and guidance there is nothing else.

Nathan Amaral

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Phone 704.208.4330