Shawne Duperon Talks About The Power of Farts?…

August 28, 2014
6-Time EMMY® Winning media coach & communications speaker Shawne Duperon offers leadership keynotes, communication programs, marketing webinars, easy downloadable videos & online courses that have business participants keep coming back for more.

5 Questions to Solve Your Problems

August 25, 2014

In this episode I reveal 5 questions that can give you an important outlook on your challenges and give you direction on how to breakthrough them. Be sure to have a pen and pad ready this 30 mins of solutions is jam packed.


Todd Wants Nathan to share The G.L.O.W. Method

August 20, 2014

Todd Toback interviews Nathan Amaral about how to achieve your goals faster using one of his proven formula called The G.L.O.W Method. After years of experience Nathan shares some key strategies on how to get to a million faster.


The Power & Purpose of a Vision Board

August 18, 2014

in this episode we cover how to start a vision board and the power it can have on your life. I share 2 stories, one of the skeptical young lady that got shocked by getting a new car! And a personal story of how I used my closet as a vision board before I even knew what a vision board was.


Interview with Fearless Millionaire Zack Childress

August 15, 2014

Here is an interview with Real Estate investor Zack Childress. Discover what he did to breakthrough his fears of getting started and then move forward to build a real estate empire to live a life of his dreams.


Bashful to Badass

August 11, 2014

Here is an interview done while I was in Uganda about how to go from Bashful to BadAss in business. 


Getting Calls Returned

August 11, 2014
As a business owner I have prospected countless times. Yet, as a sales trainer and coach, I look at these calls through a different set of lenses.

On this training I reveal:
  • The most common voicemail (LVM) blunders
  • How to craft your voicemails to get more callbacks
  • Why you should treat your voicemail like your product
All this and more. 

The 7 Lost Secrets of Prosperity

August 9, 2014

Listen in on how to use 7 simple steps to create more wealth in your life, faster.